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I recently had the amazing opportunity of getting a facial at the Aveda Institute during my trip to North Carolina. The institute is a school for students becoming certified in the cosmetology and esthiology industries. The prices for salon services are discounted significantly but the experience is still 100%. It’s budget friendly and the students are exceptional. After my facial I received a mini-makeover and had to take some products home with me.
1. Aveda Beautifying Composition-This was hands down my favorite product. My esthetician worked this into my face throughout my facial and my skin felt so hydrated. It’s great because it can also be used all over your body.My esthetician recommended using it on your neck and décolleté as these are one of the first parts of your body affected by aging. I apply it every morning and night immediately after I wash my face-the sooner you do this the better to ensure moisture is locked in. I allow it to absorb into my skin for about 10 minutes before I apply my makeup. This prevent cracks in the skin, allowing for smooth makeup application. It does have the strong Aveda smell which might not be for everyone. The way I describe the scent is woodsy.
2. Aveda Mineral Tinted Moisturizer (pictured above in Sandstone)-I was shocked that my girl picked this shade for my skin tone-it seemed a little dark for my ever fading summer tan. But she assured me that I wouldn’t look like an Oompa Loompa. Most makeup artists recommend going with your natural skin tone when applying facial products but she didn’t want me to look washed out. I don’t like the look or feel of heavy foundation but this one offers smooth, light coverage. I love this product especially mixed with my normal moisturizer. It blends beautifully and offers a nice, dewy finish.
3. Aveda Rehydrating Lip Glaze (Rose Blush)-I generally don’t do anything with my lips other than a tinted chapstick. This was due mostly to the fact that I wasn’t sure what color to wear and also wanted something easy to apply. Insert this lip glaze. It’s super hydrating and the color is gorgeous. This would look great on any skin tone-it adds a subtle yet necessary pop of color.

Find an Aveda institute near you by clicking here.

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