Bar Stool DIY

July 1, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

Truth: a good hairstylist and a fabulous bar stool are hard to come by. I had been searching for bar stools for my apartment for a while but the ones I came across were rather dull in their wow factor. So I bought these cheap Ikea ones off of Craigslist for a mere $10 each and got to DIY-ing. I used the same spray paint as seen in this post. I recommend buying more cans than you think you need-I used about 2 cans of this spray on 3 chairs to ensure a nice even coat and room for touch ups. I purchased 1 yard of faux fur which was the perfect amount. This can be done with any bar stool. Just be sure to remove the seating first so you can evenly and precisely cover the frame in gold.

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