Breakfast of Champions

June 29, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

Nothing beats a good home cooked breakfast. Especially after a night of imbibing. I’m a huge Trader Joe’s enthusiast and love the variety the chain has to offer. This spinach dip makes a great addition to an omelet as it is both creamy and tasty. I add about 3 tablespoons for 3 eggs and a dash of milk. TJ’s chicken sausage is also amazing fried up. I like to slice mine up in about 1/2 inch thick rounds to ensure the edges get extra crispy. My trick for making roasted potatoes faster is wrapping them in plastic wrap, piercing them with a fork, and microwaving them for about 8 minutes or so until easily pierced. I then sautee them in extra virgin olive oil and add salt, pepper, and garlic salt for about 7 minutes or so.
Editor’s note: breakfast is better with a mimosa.

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