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Shake Your Pom Pom


I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather or all the festival pictures I’m seeing but I am cravinggg some pom poms in…

April 20, 2016 / By / Post a Comment

All of the Lights

Ty's Closet

We took these pictures over at City Center and I just love the way the lights perfectly blur. I recently…

April 12, 2016 / By / Post a Comment

Seeing Green

Ty's Closet

This year we have over 5 weddings to attend and I’m so excited! I absolutely love weddings-mostly because it’s the only scenario where you…

February 17, 2016 / By / 4 Comments

Stylish Gym Gear

Healthy LivingTrends

I was recently lamenting about how difficult it is to find stylish active wear. The only brand I know of is Lululemon and…

February 2, 2016 / By / Post a Comment

Leopard Ballets

Ty's Closet

Lace up ballet flats have been on my mind since I posted about them last year so I was thrilled…

January 20, 2016 / By / Post a Comment

WTF: Thanksgiving

Where to Flair

It’s easy to under dress for Thanksgiving since it usually involves a sedentary position and lots of eating. However, I…

November 24, 2015 / By / Post a Comment