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whole 30

Whole 30

Healthy Living

I am fresh back from our cathartic trip to Barbados and despite feeling a little post vacation blues I was actually pretty excited to…

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Fun Facts About Me + Blogiversary


This past Monday celebrated the 3 year blogiversary of Laissez Flair! In honor of this milestone I thought I'd share some facts about me that you might not have known.

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Spring Goals


The weather here has been typical spring in DC-80 degrees one day then chilly and rainy the next. With the change of season it's time to reflect on things I'd like to achieve or work on in the upcoming weeks.

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Oribe Hair

Hair & Beauty

Hairspray is at the epicenter of my beauty routine. I’ve tried eliminating it from my regimen but as soon as I start blow drying…

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My Guide to DC


It's crazy to think I've been living in DC for 10 years now! It's even crazier that I still get lost sometimes and need to phone a friend. During my adventures here I've discovered some amazing gems that should not be missed.

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Stylish Gym Gear

Healthy LivingTrends

I was recently lamenting about how difficult it is to find stylish active wear. The only brand I know of is Lululemon and…

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