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Wedding Shape

Healthy LivingReflections

One of the things I’ve learned from wedding planning is a reminder of setting out to be the best version of myself. While this…

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Whole 30 Review + Recipe

BreakfastHealthy Living

Hey guys! My apologies for the lack of posts! I’ve been spending lots of time traveling and savoring every moment of this summer. It’s…

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Whole 30 Fish Tacos

EntreesHealthy Living

Day 23 is here! I cannot believe that my boyfriend and I have made it this far! When we first set out to do…

June 7, 2016 / By / 2 Comments
whole 30

Whole 30

Healthy Living

I am fresh back from our cathartic trip to Barbados and despite feeling a little post vacation blues I was actually pretty excited to…

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Stylish Gym Gear

Healthy LivingTrends

I was recently lamenting about how difficult it is to find stylish active wear. The only brand I know of is Lululemon and…

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Shut Up & Laissez Flair

Healthy Living

I teamed up with my good friend and fellow blogger Meaghan of Shut Up and Love…

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