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It was a huge poofy mess full of frizz and secrets. It didn’t get really curly until I reached high school and even then I couldn’t find the right products or technique to tame the beast. My sisters have gorgeous curls and they guided me along the way but all curls are different so there was a lot of trial and many errors. I spent much of my youth wearing my hair up and drenching it in gel to keep it at bay. This was also during the time where super straight hair was in and I simply could not compete. This made me feel very insecure and ashamed of my thick mane, much like the girls in this video. Straight hair just seemed so much prettier and definitely more manageable than my kinks. I finally discovered a regimen that worked for me and never looked back. I pretty much wear my hair down all the time now so as to make up for the time that I was not so loving to my signature locks. Nowadays the only time I’m insecure about my hair is if it’s not voluminous and covering someones face in a photo. Before I used to wish there were other girls that had curly hair around me so I could feel a little less out of place but now I want my curls to be the light of every room I enter. So if you or a loved one has curly hair and is in an unhealthy relationship with a flat iron, send them this video. Remember, the curlier the hair, the harder they stare.

Image and video via Dove.

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