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It’s crazy to think I’ve been living in DC for 10 years now! It’s even crazier that I still get lost sometimes and need to phone a friend. During my adventures here I’ve discovered some amazing gems that should not be missed.



Rose’s Luxury
This is by far my favorite restaurant in DC…perhaps in the world. The food is so unique and flavorful. The menu does change frequently which can be a good or bad thing-since my first time there I’ve been craving their lychee salad but it’s no longer on the menu. They also do not take reservations as they want to make Rose’s Luxury accessible for everyone. Not to worry though-the restaurant is located in the adorable Capital Hill neighborhood so use your wait time to explore the charming streets filled with colorful row houses.

{Inside Rose’s Luxury}


El Chilango
My quest for the ultimate authentic taco ended right outside my doorstep. This no frills taco truck has THE best tacos this side of Tijuana. I usually go for the chicken, chorizo, and pork. Be prepared to eat well…and for your hands to smell like onions and cilantro for a few hours.


{Cherry Blossom season 2015} 

National Mall
This is a DC must! You can even rent a bike and scoot around the mall but whatever you do, avoid the segways-you will be side-eyed by locals. Cherry Blossom season looks the prettiest with all the pink flowers around the Tidal Basin but be warned: the city gets super crowded during that time.

Georgetown Waterfront
The waterfront is stunning. The restaurants here are pricey so I prefer a nice packed picnic where you can sit on the grass while overlooking the water. Hop on the water taxi and take in the beautiful views of the Potomac.


DC has tons of museums so you need to choose wisely as to which one you want to devote your time to. I highly recommend the Newseum-it highlights important events in history through media outlets. There is even a piece of the Berlin Wall!

Eastern Market
Eastern Market is an adorable farmer’s market. They also have artists and other vendors selling everything from jewelry to vintage records. I love walking around and sampling the fresh local produce.

Nats Game
I am not what you would call a “sports fan” but I love being outside, group chants, and hot dogs so naturally I enjoy baseball games. Tickets to games are super cheap and it’s a great group activity.

{Washington Nationals Park} 

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