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I never leave home without doing 2 things: 1. fluffing my hair 2. spritzing on perfume. I love how scents can alter your mood and even change your look. These are my personal favorites that I rotate between. I started wearing Chloe a couple of years back. It smells very fresh and floraly. It makes a great spring/summer scent because it’s light and not over-powering. I discovered Alien from a co-worker whose scent would always linger long after she would pass by. I love this perfume because it is extremely long lasting and has beautiful notes that are revealed with long wear. Acqua di Gioa is a very sexy and sophisticated scent. The men’s cologne version of this also smells amazing if you’re looking for a gift for your boo. Having a signature scent goes with a signature look. If you’re unsure of what scent to commit to, buying small roller balls is a great option as you can stash them in your purse for on the go and also try out different perfumes without spending a fortune on the full size.

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