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I teamed up with my good friend and fellow blogger Meaghan of Shut Up and Love Yourself for a post on staying fit and being healthy. Her blog about her own personal journey to healthy living and self esteem is truly inspiring. Not to mention, look at that hair!

As you can tell by my food posts, I love to eat. I struggle with my relationship with food as I often look to it as a reward or a comfort. Had a bad day? Eat some ice cream. Got new followers on Instagram? Throw down some Bagel Bites. And while it is totally okay to snack and enjoy the taste of life, it’s important to develop a healthy relationship with food. Instead of emotional eating, I try exercising instead. We all know that exercise is a great stress reliever but it can be a struggle getting to the gym.

Here are my tips to motivating yourself to get moving:
-Sign up for classes that you actually enjoy. Not many people find running on a treadmill endlessly exciting. Head on over to your local gym and start attending group classes like Zumba, Spin, Body Pump, or Kickboxing. Not only will you burn calories but you will also meet new people.
-Work out with a friend. It will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.
-Buy cute workout clothes. It will give you an extra boost of confidence versus wearing a dowdy t shirt. Meaghan can always be found rocking a sassy gym tank either store bought or one she made.
-Sleep in your gym clothes if you have to so it’s one less step to get you to the gym in the morning.
-Most of the time it’s the idea of going to the gym that drains us more than the actual workout. Make a commitment to yourself that you will exercise for 5 minutes and then if you’re not feeling it, go home. Odds are once you start, you won’t stop.
-Remember, it’s not about pounds; it’s about making a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Say good-bye to the scale as Meaghan recommends.

*All photos were taken by friend and professional photographer Chase McAlpine.*

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