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Hey guys! My apologies for the lack of posts! I’ve been spending lots of time traveling and savoring every moment of this summer. It’s been a few weeks since I finished the Whole 30 and I wanted to share my experience with you. This was a pretty life changing experience for me as I learned just how much what we consume affects our well being.

Lessons learned:
– meal planning is crucial to be successful in this program
– even so called “healthy” food choices still have added sugar in them
– avoid going out to eat but if you do, be sure to call ahead and check out menu options to avoid a scene at the restaurant
– carefully and thoroughly check your food labels…then check them again
– be cautious where you get your Whole 30 recipes and compliant food lists from; there’s a lot of conflicting information out there but when in doubt about compliance, just pass on that item
– dairy is very harmful to your body
– giving up alcohol was refreshing and it’s nice not waking up with a hangover
– you will spend more money on compliant foods but once you have your kitchen staples your grocery spending will stabilize
– if you go on vacation, plan on going grocery shopping
– it’s much easier to do the program with someone especially with your partner and it’s a great bonding experience

Benefits I experienced:
– clearer skin
– less moody
– consistent energy levels
– less cravings
– weight loss
– more sound sleep (I still had a tough time falling asleep which was a problem before Whole 30)

Post Whole 30 has been tough due to vacations and celebrations. I have let myself indulge a little too much (this past weekend I ate a Belgian waffle ice cream sandwich everyday) and man can I feel it in my body. Eating non-compliant food makes me feel hung-over, tired, and cranky so I am going to try to stick to mostly Whole 30 meals when I can. However, I do realize that life happens and I am trying not to be too hard on myself while still holding myself accountable for my food choices. This breakfast recipe is something that I ate my entire Whole 30 and continue to do so. It’s simple, delicious, and compliant.

Unsweetened coconut flakes
Almond butter (no salt)

  1. Simply cut the banana into slices and top with almond butter and coconut flakes.

Follow my Whole 30 board on Pinterest for tons of tasty, compliant recipes.
Note: some recipes may have non-compliant ingredients so just omit or find substitutions.

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