WTF: Back to School

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July 1, 2015 / By / Post a Comment

I’ve gone to Catholic school my entire life so plaid skirts and ill fitting button downs still haunt me in my sleep. When I finally got to college, I was simultaneously enamored and daunted by the idea of being able to pick out my clothes and express myself the way I wanted and not the way Sister Joan Marie wanted. With pulling all nighters (either with the books or with the bottle), you still want to make a good impression on your professors and classmates. This outfit combines comfort without sacrificing your style. The jacket has unique details that only look expensive and will give you tons of wear. Backpacks are back in a huge way this season. I suggest going for classic black with a fun chain detail. The slip on Vans allow you to run around to make it to all your classes on time and on trend.

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